You´ll find us in the House of Officers just behind Hotel Plaza, the tallest building in Västerås.

The beautiful building was completed in 1904. It was built as housing for Officers and their families belonging to the Västerås Regement.

As early as 1905 there was a novelty here, an automatic restaurant where guests could serve themselves from a purpose-built machine. It didn´t catch on...


A Wine Bar is not really a restaurant, it is something simpler, freer or as we say ourselves, a reflection of our own personality. Here, we want you to drink good wine, eat simple tasty food, have entertaining discussions and be close to laughter.

Sharing a good bottle of wine and frolicking with friends is like a mini-holiday - an opportunity to enjoy the moment and forget about everyday affairs, if only for a short while.


Whether you’re looking for something simple and refreshing, wild, weird and challenging, neat and complex, white, orange, pink, red or bubbly
- we’ve got it.

Our wine list is a living document that changes day by day according to our sales.
Our glass list changes week by week and sometimes more often than that. You can find it both on the chalk board in the bistro or use the QR code we have in our menu.
We update our wine list two or three times a year. Vintages and availability can thus vary.


Our food is simple but tasty. Think Mediterranean food such as Spanish preserves, tapas style dishes, cheese, charcuterie and the warmth from our famous pizzas.

Food meant to be shared with wine and happy friends & family.




Every friday evening at six o’clock we open up a Magnum or a bigger large format bottle and serve it by the glass.

The bigger the better?

Drop by and try a glass and find out if the myth is true...



Smell the wine. Taste it. Analyze.

Discover new flavours, grapes and wine producing regions. Wine is fun, interresting and challenging.

On our menu you will find four different wine flights to choose from. Allow your taste buds to guide you to new experiences.



A few times a year, we are visited by various winemakers who show off their vision and convey the creative joy behind the wine they produce.

A good opportunity to ask all wine-related questions to someone who is really passionate and lives with his passion for wine.

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For larger groups from 9-16 people dinner is served family style. Choose ONE menu from our choice of family dinners to be served to the whole table and then complete the form below.
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+46 (0)793-13 86 40
Contact hours:
Tue-Sat 14.30-17.30.
Opening hours:
Tues-Sat from 16.30